Alina Cała, PhD – Member of the Board

Graduated from the Ethnography Department at the University of Warsaw. She defended her PhD thesis – Asymilacja ŻydówKrólestwie Polskim 1864-1897 [The Question of the Assimilation of Jews in the Polish Kingdom, 1864 – 1897] written under the supervision of Professor Artur Eisenbach, at the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Her essay Wizerunek Żydapolskiej kultyrze ludowej [The Image of the Jew in Polish Folk Culture] based on the Master’s thesis, was published five times – among others in Jerusalem in English language version, and is used as an academic book for ethnology and sociology studies at a number of both Polish and foreign universities.

Ever since her studies Ms. Cała devoted her work to study Polis-Jewish relations, including the issues of anti-Semitism in Poland in the 19thand 20thcentury. Her latest work on this topic, where she elaborates on the question of anti-Semitism up to recent years, is to be published soon.

Since 1985 Ms. Cała has been working in the JHI and had been an active member of the Association since 1994. She used to be a Member of the Board as well as a Member of the Board of Audit. She stepped down from the latter in 1998 to protest against classified documentation and lack of opportunities to carry out a throughout financial audit.