Polityka’s Passport for the creators of the Core Exhibition

On 13 January 2015, during a ceremonial gala in the Grand Theatre – National Opera, Polityka’s Passports were presented for the 22nd time. This year, the prestigious cultural award was granted to Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland. Polityka weekly magazine presents passports in six categories: film, theatre, visual arts, classical music, pop music and literature. This year the Chapter presented a special award for the first time. It was granted to Association of the Jewish Historical Institute “for initiating and co-creating POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews; for involvement in cultural initiatives related to the joint Polish and Jewish remembrance; for creating the Core Exhibition of the Museum, which in a modern and clever way depicts important topics of the history of Poles and Jews".

The awards presentation gala in the Grand Theatre was hosted by the editor-in-chief of Polityka, Jerzy Baczyński, and Grażyna Torbicka. On behalf of the SZIH, the award was accepted by Piotr Wiślicki, the Chairman of the Board, Marian Turski, the Deputy Chairman, Prof. Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, the Programme Director of the Core Exhibition, and Dr Grażyna Pawlak, currently, the Director of the Prof. Moses Schorr Foundation, an initiator of creating the museum in early 1990s.

“It is a great commendation not only for four people who represent the Association today,” said Piotr Wiślicki, “but, above all, for hundreds of people whom we owe the establishment of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. For over two decades, they had been implementing the idea of the Museum creation. Those were co-workers, employees and friends of the Association and the POLIN Museum but also public partners, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as the Capital City of Warsaw with which we concluded a unique - in Poland’s scale – public-private partnership in 2005. It is also a social movement of over five hundred donors from all over the world who put their trust in us and donated their resources to the exhibition,” said the Chairman of the SZIH during the ceremony of the award presentation.

The Polityka’s Passports 2014 were also presented to:

  • Pablopavo for songs combining courtyard locality with the world quality of sound and poetic depth;
  • Kwadrofonik – for virtuosity, imagination, sensitivity and a sense of humour;
  • Zygmunt Miłoszewski – for the cycle of novels in which the absorbing intrigue is combined with acute portrait of contemporary Poland;
  • Jakub Woynarowski – for original combination of research on the history of art and culture, and the artistic practice;
  • Radosław Rychcik – for daring inclusion of the Polish arch-drama “The Forefathers” into the space of contemporary collective imagination;
  • Jan Komasa – for imagination, ambition and perfect directing skills.

The Prize of the Creator of Culture 2014 for combining outstandingly original vision of films with difficult rules of commercial cinema went to Agnieszka Holland.

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fot. Leszek Zych/Polityka